In Australia and New Zealand
Ferrero Australia started in 1974 and since that time has sold in Australia and New Zealand famous Ferrero brands such as Tic Tac, NUTELLA®, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Surprise and Bueno. Today, we employ over 300 people across our commercial operations in Australia and New Zealand and our factory in Lithgow, New South Wales. Tic Tac and NUTELLA® have been proudly made in Lithgow for over 40 years. Consistent with Ferrero’s global objectives, the Lithgow factory is certified to the international standards of Food Safety (ISO22000 + PAS 220), Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management (ISO14001)

Agri Australis
In 2011 Agri Australis, a subsidiary of the Ferrero Group, commenced a hazelnut business development project near Narrandera in NSW.
Agri Australis’ investment involves the planting of more than one million hazelnut trees on 2,000 hectares and brings additional opportunities to the agribusiness sector and the local community.

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