Kinder Surprise

 KINDER SURPRISE is a unique egg made with chocolate, which contains more than 32% milk. The KINDER SURPRISE egg is an everyday small gift from parents to children.

KINDER SURPRISE offers 3 enjoyable experiences in one:
- The goodness of Kinder with its smooth chocolate and a milky filling.
- The surprise: the excitement of discovering the toy inside the egg (there are over 70 new surprises in each yearly series!)
- The toy is developed to appeal to children aged 3 years and over for their themes, colouring and assembling.

Every toy is a unique and exclusive creation designed only for KINDER SURPRISE by teams of professionals in child development, child psychology and pathology.


Milk chocolate 45% (sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier: lecithins (soy); flavouring: vanillin).

Whole milk powder,
Vegetable fats,
Emulsifier (lecithins): soy,
Flavouring (vanillin).

Total milk constituents: 32%,
Total cocoa solids: 15%
Ferrero only uses 100% sustainable and segregated certified palm oil.
For detailed information on Ferrero’s sustainable agricultural practises visit:

Nutritional Information