The Ferrero Group has always been dedicated to people and the environment.

Through the Kinder Joy of Moving project, which was first launched in 2005 and which later became the international social responsibility programme in 2013, the Ferrero Group has launched its own approach to promoting a culture dedicated to active lifestyles among the younger generations to fight sedentary and inappropriate lifestyles.

Joy of Moving is an original methodology and the result of a three-year research project, which encourages movement in children to promote and inspire positive lifestyle habits, which last into adulthood. The educational Joy of Moving method was developed by Kinder Joy of Moving, in collaboration with the University of Rome "Foro Italico", CONI Piedmont and MIUR Piedmont, the Municipality of Alba, the Piedmont Region and the research and development company Soremartec.

joy of Moving in Australia

In 2017, Kinder Joy of Moving was introduced to Australia in the form of a partnership with Deakin University. Ferrero is supporting a four-year study to establish the Joy of Moving Australia research project, titled 'Getting children moving: An evaluation of the effectiveness of the "Joy of Moving" program in Australian primary school aged children'. This partnership will allow Deakin University to conduct an evidence-based research program, which aims to be the preferred physical activity program that is available to all Australian primary school-aged children and endorsed by experts.

The program will be evaluated for its effectiveness in improving children’s engagement in physical activity and physical fitness, as well as a holistic range of child outcomes such as motor, social, emotional and cognitive function. In addition, it will develop evidence-based resources based on research expertise for children with developmental disorders to ensure that the resources are inclusive of children of all abilities regardless of the child’s physical, psychological or social disadvantage.

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