Conference theme 'It starts with us' demonstrated through Ferrero's actions at Taronga

Sydney, Australia 28 August 2018: More than 140 Ferrero employees from Australia and New Zealand participated in a large-scale social workforce at Taronga Zoo in Sydney recently, as part of the company's National Conference.

The team brought the Ferrero principle of "Work, Create, Donate" to life at the Zoo by undertaking bush regeneration on the Sydney Harbour foreshore, tree planting, beach care, making animal enrichment toys and hosting nine families of children supported by the charity Brainwave.

Derek Lath, Institutional Affairs Director, Ferrero Australia said: "The aim of this project was more than just providing volunteers, but to also educate our employees on the importance of sustainability and to foster their understanding of why this is significant to Ferrero for all aspects of our business."

Over the course of the day, the combined hours of volunteer work provided by Ferrero was 420 hours, which resulted in:

• 12 native trees planted
• 30 square metres of native bushland cleared of invasive species, such as finger fern, on the harbour foreshore
• 56 pieces of animal enrichment created, which will be used by Asian elephants, meerkats, Sumatran tigers and Sun Bears
• 3,235 pieces of litter removed from two beaches, stopping the litter entering the harbour. All pieces of litter have been catalogued and recorded in the Tangaroa Blue app, Australia's national marine debris database
Ferrero Australia has been a proud supporter of Brainwave since 2009, a charity which aims to provide practical assistance and emotional support to children with neurological conditions as well as their families and carers to positively impact their quality of life.

Caroline Scully, Brainwave General Manager, said: "We had a great time with the 13 adults and 24 children from Brainwave and the Ferrero team, at the Zoo's Backyard to Bush area on Wednesday. There were games, face painting and colouring-in, gift bags and even the opportunity to meet native and farm animals with a Zookeeper during the session. Family days and events with Ferrero are always enjoyable and appreciated by everyone," Ms Scully said.

Both Ferrero Australia and Taronga Zoo are Gold members of the New South Wales Government's Sustainability Advantage program, and the day has been captured on video to present at future sustainability events.

Paul Maguire, Taronga Conservation Society Australia's Director of Guest Experience Education and Community Programs, said: "It was such a valuable experience to host Ferrero Australia at Taronga Zoo. We hope that by providing these experiences we can influence individuals and businesses to always consider the environment in their everyday and strategic decision making, and we are so proud to work with companies that have aligned values such as Ferrero."