The BBC report raised some concerning allegations regarding how some suppliers to Ferrero operate in Turkey.

Ferrero does not tolerate child labour in any form as stated in its Code of Business Conduct. Following the report, we would like to reassure consumers that we are determined to prevent and eliminate child labour all along our supply chains, with the conviction that every child should be protected, by all possible means, from any form of exploitation.

This is an extremely complex issue in Turkey, but we remain committed to ensuring that all necessary action is taken as we move towards our commitment for 100% of our hazelnuts to be traceable by 2020. To achieve this, we are working with other parties in the supply chain and demanding greater transparency from stakeholders.

Ferrero has contacted its retailers to reiterate its commitments to being an ethical business with a sustainable sourcing approach, which includes combatting child labour. At no point has any retailer suggested Ferrero’s product be removed from shelves or production stopped.

Ferrero is committed to an ethical and sustainable supply chain and making a dedicated and active contribution towards this. The hazelnut supply chain is very complex and involves many stakeholders which is why we have put several important measures in place. These include the Ferrero Code of Business Conduct, our dedicated in-house Ferrero Farming Values Program, our third-party audited hazelnut Production Standard and also strong partnerships with trusted organisations including the International Labour Organisation, and UTZ.

Our Ferrero Farming Values Program has been operating in Turkey since 2012 and includes a team of 120 people. Among them are Ferrero agricultural engineers and social experts who, through their direct work in communities, have reached over 42,000 farmers to date. More details are available at

For more information, consumers and media should contact:

Phone AUS: 1800 627 231
Phone NZ: 0800 441 512