As part of the company’s National Conference, centred on the theme “It starts with us”, over 140 Ferrero people from across Australia and New Zealand gathered at Taronga Zoo in Sydney and participated in a large-scale social workforce project, completing an impressive 420 hours of community work!

The day commenced with the Managing Directors of Ferrero ANZ and Taronga Zoo discussing the importance of conducting business in a sustainable manner, in which Ferrero was referenced as a leader in this field. The volunteer activities were: bush regeneration, tree planting, beach clean-up, the making of animal enrichment material for the zoo’s animals and hosting the families of children supported by the charity Brainwave.

Bush Regeneration and Tree Planting

The Ferrero volunteers assisted with bush regeneration on the harbour foreshore by clearing 30 square metres of native bushland of invasive species such as finger fern. The message conveyed was that our native bushland needs as much help as it can get and this work in the bush contributed to a healthy habitat for the native plants and animals of the Zoo's natural environment and the Sydney Harbour foreshore.

The teams also planted 12 native trees with the intent of creating local environments for native birds and animals. The planting is intended to help enhance the natural habitat within the Taronga site that will be home to fauna such as bandicoots, squirrel gliders, parrots and kookaburras. The volunteering session included advice from horticulture experts on the benefits of planting native species.

Animal Enrichment

The team went behind the scenes to learn and make enrichment toys, materials for the animals that mimic behaviours that they would conduct in the wild. As part of the experience, Ferrero volunteers learned from the keepers on their use and their importance to the psychological wellbeing of the animals. They created 56 pieces of animal enrichment that are being used by Asian Elephants, meerkats, Sumatran tigers and Sun Bears and contributed new creative ideas for animal enrichment that the keeping teams have never tried before.

Beach Clean-Up

The volunteers removed an impressive 3,235 pieces of litter from two beaches near the zoo – everything they picked up and stopped from entering the harbour has been documented on the Tangaroa Blue app, Australia’s national marine debris database. The volunteers learnt of the waste materials that go into oceans, examined the types of waste retrieved in the clean-up and were educated on the impacts of micro plastics on the marine environment.


Seventeen volunteers hosted families from Brainwave, a charity that provides practical assistance and emotional support to children with neurological conditions as well as their families. Ferrero Australia has proudly supported the charity since 2009.

During the day, Brainwave families enjoyed Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving games (more info on Kinder+Sport here, face painting and colouring-in. The children also got up close and personal with the animals, as keepers provided the families and volunteers with the opportunity to meet the native and farm animals during the day. In all, the nine volunteering teams provided services and learnt about the importance and value of their efforts.

Sustainable Palm Oil Education

During the lunch break, the teams were treated to a guided visit of the Zoo’s innovative Sumatran tiger exhibit, which simulates the experience of visiting a Sumatran reserve and seeing the tigers in their natural habitat, and also communicates the importance of using sustainably sourced palm oil. The exhibit ends in an average everyday supermarket where people are encouraged to make more conscious decisions while shopping; buying products that are only made with certified Sustainable Palm Oil. Visitors can then choose to send emails to the companies to either congratulate them or ask them to keep moving towards a sustainable future. To date Ferrero Australia has received over 15,000 congratulatory emails from people visiting the Tiger exhibit, which is significant recognition of our commitments to use only 100% sustainable palm oil certified RSPO as segregated and demonstrates the considerable consumer education provided by Taronga Zoo.

Roberto Grasso, Chairman and Managing Director of Ferrero ANZ, said: “This day at Taronga Zoo highlighted what it is to be a ‘Ferrerian’ and our unique approach to business. “The aim of this project was to bring to life our company principle of “Work, Create, Donate” by providing social good to the community in which we operate”.

Paul Maguire, Taronga Conservation Society Australia's Director of Guest Experience Education and Community Programs, echoed this sentiment saying: "It was such a valuable experience to host Ferrero Australia at Taronga Zoo. “We hope that by providing these experiences we can influence individuals and businesses to always consider the environment in their everyday and strategic decision making, and we are so proud to work with companies that have aligned values such as Ferrero."

It has been a great day where Ferrero’s ANZ colleagues developed and demonstrated what it means to be a Ferrerian in our individual and collective behaviour!

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