In Australia, we are proudly following the principle of “Work, create, donate” and applying this to work for the benefit of our community. We are proud supporters of two charitable organisations: Brainwave, which provides practical assistance and emotional support to children with brain related illnesses, and Foodbank, which supplies food to disadvantaged Australians. But let’s have a look at how our contribution really impacts the lives of the people supported by our two community partners!


Since 2010, we support Brainwave by making available our people and our product to assist the charity in its functions and activities. During the Financial Year 17-18 we provided 31 Ferrero volunteers who helped Brainwave to organise and manage their activities such as the Family Christmas Party, the Annual Fundraising Gala, the New South Wales Camp and the Family Day. The assistance of our volunteers was vital in making these events possible and in helping create an enjoyable and memorable day for the children and their families.

We also support Brainwave by providing our product to support initiatives such as the Bear Essentials Packs, which are distributed to four major hospitals around Australia and given to the family of a child upon admission to the paediatric neurology ward.


Ferrero Australia is proud to be a supporter of Foodbank as they strive for an Australia without hunger. In fact, Foodbank is the country’s largest food relief organisation that seeks and distributes food and grocery industry donations to welfare agencies which feed the hungry. You may not believe it but there’s a hunger problem in Australia: more than 4 million Australians (18%) have experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months!

We are committed to assisting Foodbank by donating product and providing both volunteer teams to work in Foodbank’s warehouse in NSW and assistance in promoting Foodbank.
In 2017, Ferrero’s contributions to Foodbank resulted in 372,000 meals donated to the people in need across Australia (equivalent meals calculated at 500 grams per meal) valued at $4,747,000 in social return.

In order to address this hunger problem in Australia, Foodbank needs our help as they could not operate without the support of volunteers. During our last Financial Year, we provided 27 Ferrero volunteers who tirelessly picked and packed food orders for a total of 135 hours. Our support helps contribute to ensure food went to families and individuals that need it most!

Ferrero Australia also provides product to assist a range of charities that perform services that assist the disadvantaged in our community. Each donation is considered on a case by case basis ensuring that the recipient is aligned with our principles and values.