The Ferrero factory in Australia is located in the city of Lithgow, 150 kilometres west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains region, which is listed as a World Heritage area. Lithgow was established in the 1870’s and has a population of approx. 13,000 people with a climate of warm summers, cool to cold winters and generally steady rainfall year-round.

Ferrero’s relationship with Lithgow started in 1976, when Mr Michele Ferrero established a factory in Australia in order to produce two of his iconic products “down under”: Tic Tac and Nutella. It is important to highlight that the Australian factory was one of the first production plants to produce Ferrero products outside Europe. The production of Tic Tac started in 1976 followed by Nutella in 1978, always with the complete production cycle going from raw material to finished product. Since then, the factory has been producing both products for Australia and New Zealand and exporting 35% of its production to South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.

The plant is a single level facility sitting on a Ferrero owned parcel of land of approximately 70,000 square metres. The Ferrero factory is one of the major employers in town, with a long standing reputation of providing a safe and stable working environment. The factory employs close to 100 people. Over a quarter of the employees have been working at the factory for more than 15 years and three of them have been working for over 35 years with Ferrero. Since September 2016, the factory is operational on a 24/7 basis, a sign that Australians definitely fell in love with Nutella and Tic Tac!

The Ferrero factory in Lithgow has demonstrated a long-standing high commitment to quality. It values the fact that all the rules relative to food safety, hygiene, workplace health and safety and the environment, not only need to be complied with, but must be exceeded by the factory. The management systems supporting these goals are regularly reviewed for effectiveness and continual improvement. Lithgow’s commitment is demonstrated through the certification to ISO 9001 and HACCP since 1999, in quality and food safety management systems followed by FSSC 22000 since 2011 for food safety and ISO 14001, since 2010 for environmental management systems. During 2018 Ferrero Australia also received certification to ISO50001 for Energy Management Systems.

In accordance with the Ferrero Group’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, the Lithgow factory’s environmental results and achievements are guided and aligned to our global commitments. This includes reported reductions in electricity and water consumption, improved recovery of waste diverting from landfill, and significant greenhouse gas reductions driven by the self-generation of electricity. These achievements have been recognised by environmental awards from the National Banksia Foundation, the New South Wales Government’s Green Globes and by winning the Australian Water Association’s Infrastructure Project Innovation New South Wales award.

The 70th anniversary of the Ferrero Group and the 40 years of operations of the factory were celebrated on the 28th of January 2017, when the factory opened its doors to family and friends of its dedicated employees. Around 200 people arrived in the morning and enjoyed a tour of the factory, guided through the Nutella and Tic Tac production lines and spoiled with a tasting of roasted hazelnuts. Guests then enjoyed a special wood-fired pizza and children were entertained with some fun activities. After lunch all walked away with their own personalised jar of Nutella.

The Managing Director of the Lithgow plant, Francesco Fusina, said: “The 70th anniversary of the Ferrero Group and its 40th year in Lithgow is a monumental achievement and one to be celebrated. We thought there was no better way to honour these exceptional milestones than to open our factory to our employees, their friends and family. It was wonderful to see how our people were proud to show to their families the place where we work and how we produce our unique products. Moreover, it was great to see the participation of all the children who asked questions to their parents and even suggested some improvements. For instance, a little girl came up with the idea to add carrots to Nutella. If this will happen one day, we can say that the idea originated from Lithgow! Jokes aside, I really want to thank our people for their great commitment to the success of our products and we are now looking forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the plant”.

We’re all very proud of the achievements of our Ferrero factory in Lithgow and this can be achieved only with the committed contribution of each employee of the factory. Congratulations to everyone and long live the Lithgow factory!